Installing / upgrading piler

If you have a problem with installing or configuring piler, or you want to make sure that an upgrade goes as smoothly as possible, then the installing / upgrading service is for you.

Contents of the piler install service

installation and configuration of

  • the latest recommended version of piler to a single host
  • all the required auxiliary services (sphinx search, mysql, …)
  • the latest web based gui
  • 14 days of free support after the installation (via email/skype and/or SSH if required)


The stock piler install (or upgrade) price is 200 EUR


A dedicated computer (either a physical or virtual) with a base installation (no X11, no GUI, no mysql, etc. only ssh) of a 64-bit supported Linux distribution (Ubuntu Jammy 22.04 LTS or Centos/RedHat 9 or Oracle Linux 9) with ssh access and a root equivalent account (eg. sudo rights). Note that installing via Teamviewer is not supported.