Piler enterprise email archiver features

Piler enterprise is a feature rich, efficient email archive that supports Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Workplace (formerly G Suite), Postfix, Exim, Kerio, Axigen, and many more email products.



Separates customers' data on the file level, database level, and sphinx level.

Scale out

Have so much data that a single node cannot handle? No problem, piler supports scaling out using multiple worker nodes, and aggregates their data to a single view.

Flexible SMTP routing

Flexible SMTP routing from the SMTP front end to the worker nodes allows you to create a tiered layout. Eg. SATA disks for customer1 in worker #1, SSD for customer2 in worker #2.

S3 object store

You may keep your data files at any S3 compatible object store, eg. AWS S3, Backblaze, IBM Cloud, Wasabi, Exoscale and many more, or even in a local Minio installation.


Automate the most often used administration functions.

Flexible authentication

Including AD, LDAP, SSO, Azure AD, AWS Cognito, 2FA, CAPTCHA, as well as custom pre and post authentication hooks.


Piler enterprise encrypts the stored emails, and uses digital fingerprints to verify message integrity.

Easy deployment

Ships as deb or rpm package and an installation script to get it running quickly.

Fast search

Piler supports full text searches even in attachments, and provides results in seconds.

RFC3161 timestamps

Supports 3rd party TSA timestamp authorities for greater security.

Prometheus support

Piler enterprise exports its metrics in a Prometheus compatible manner allowing you to get a quick overview of the archive health on nice Grafana dashboards. Check out the demo site's dashboard.

Effiecient storage

Piler saves disk space by deduplicating and compressing emails. Piler stores everything in a single instance. On the demo site the saving is 52%.

User friendly GUI

Piler features an easy to use web based GUI. Be sure to check out the demo site.

Policy support

Supports archiving rules to discard unwanted emails, and retention rules to specify how long to retain the archived emails.

Custom notes and tags

Users may add personal notes and tags to their own emails for easier later reference.

Extensive audit logs

Every move the archive makes, every step users do the archive records an audit log allowing administrators and auditors to answer who did what and when.

You are covered!

You get a free of charge support during the 30 day evaluation period, and 14 more days after the payment. After that feel free to pick an optional support plan. Probably you won't need it, but in some cases when you do, you are covered by a fast support.


Email buckets allow you to provide access safely to a group of selected emails to 3rd party, eg. an external auditor.