Notenant solution for organizations

This option applies to organizations archiving emails for themselves only. The price is a one time fee per server giving you a permanent license with a 1 year access to newer builds. The price is based on the user number.

After the first year you may keep access to newer builds for 25% of the one time fee per year. Note that it's optional, in case you want to upgrade the software.

The below prices cover the license for a single server. If you want to extend your configuration, and deploy another server to store additional emails, then you need to buy license for the new server as well, see the example below.

Note that the prices don't include support. For support options check out the support section.

Users Pricing
1-10 300 EUR
11-50 700 EUR
51-99 900 EUR
100+ 1200 EUR

Example #1

You have one server and archive emails for 150 users. Then the one time price is 1200 EUR. Let's say the disk space is about to fill soon, and you deploy another server, then it costs another 1200 EUR for the second server.

Example #2

You bought a license for 60 users for 900 EUR. Then a year later you decide that you want to upgrade piler and need access to the newer builds, then it costs 25% x 900 EUR = 225 EUR for the second year.

Multitenant solution for service providers

For service providers archiving emails for several companies and organizations there's an annual flat price per server regardless of the user count. There's no limit on the number of users, the number of emails archived, etc. The annual per server price is

1000 EUR / server / year

Note that the annual fee provides access to the latest builds, however, it does not include support. For support options check out the support section.