Piler enterprise, the most flexible email archive

Flexible deployment

Piler is the most flexible email archive you can imagine. You can deploy it to a phyisical node, a virtualized environment (VMware, Hyper-V, kvm/libvirt compatible), to the cloud (including AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean and many more), or even inside a Docker container.


Piler is highly scalable. It fits small and medium size businesses as well as service providers with thousands of customers. You may start on a single node, and as you grow and your current node fills up with data, you may simply scale out. Expanding the cluster capacity is as simple as deploying another node. A single cluster supports up to 200 worker nodes.

Flexible SMTP routing

It's also flexible in SMTP routing. You may use nodes with different qualities, eg. nodes with SATA disks, and nodes with SSD disks. Service providers may create a tiered layout for different customer plans.

Easy to use GUI

Not selling training for end users, because they don't need it. If you can use Google search, then you are good to go. Check out the intuitive web based GUI on the demo site.


Piler offers true multi-tenancy for service providers, and separates customer data on the database, search engine and file system level.

Open standards

Vendor locking is a real concern if you ever want to migrate from your existing archive to another product. However, piler enterprise uses open standards to archive your emails. Your data can be exported at any time providing RFC-2822 formatted EML files that any decent competitor's product can import. You are in charge of your data.


If you just bought a gadget it either breaks down in the first few days or you may use it for a long time before it wears out.

The same is true for a software product. To reduce your risk, you get a free of charge support during the 30 day evaluation. In addition to that when you buy the product you also get a 14 day support without any extra cost.

No hidden costs

Are you tired of the hidden costs of some other archiving solutions requiring Microsoft Windows licenses? Piler runs on Ubuntu and Centos Linux.