6 Ways Piler Outperforms Office365 Email Archiving

09 Dec 2022 - sj, tags: archiving, compliance, insights, product

There are at least six areas where piler outshines Office365

Pricing and increasing costs

You need expensive E3 or E5 Office 356 plans for every active, inactive, shared or former user to provide ediscovery, retention and compliance. Piler features a much simpler and cost effective licensing scheme.

Legacy email import and exporting emails in Office 365 email archiving

Migrating to Office 365 creates a period when users can’t be sure where they can access their emails. It often requires additional tools, resources and support from Microsoft adding an extra expense. However, Piler stores a copy of your emails, and provides a fallback until the migration is in progress, so users can access their emails any time.

Compliant archiving

Office 365 assumes the end user is in charge to decide which email to archive and which one to remove. Employees may make benign mistakes or even try to hide some malicious acts when deleting an important message. Unfortunately the result is an incomplete, unreliable and non compliant archive. Instead, the company should be able to decide what to archive based on policies set by the organization. Even if a user deletes an email from his mailbox, the archived copy remains in Piler encrypted, digitally verified, so you can prove it’s still intact, unmodified. The company can also implement retention policies to govern what to keep and how long to keep.

Better search results from Piler

Piler offers superior search performance and results using the Manticore search engine. It supports various search capabilities, eg. several full-text operators, rankers, stemming, lemmatization, stopwords, synonyms, wordforms, low-level characters mappings, and more. Piler allows you to save and recall previous search queries.

Piler is much easier to use

The Office 365 interface requires efforts to use. On the other hand, if you know how to use the google search, you can use Piler without any training. The Piler GUI provides a cheatsheet for the most common search features.

No vendor lock in

Implementing an archive under your control (whether on-premise or in the cloud) gives you the freedom to take your data, you are in charge. Piler can export archived data in an industry standard format, and provides a better quality and less expensive alternative to Office 365 archive.


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