The pricing applies to no-tenant licenses. It's suitable for companies want to archive their own emails. Service providers should visit the multi-tenant pricing.

1-10 users

300 EUR/server

  • 75 EUR/yr*
  • No support

11-50 users

700 EUR/server

  • 175 EUR/yr*
  • No support

51-99 users

900 EUR/server

  • 225 EUR/yr*
  • No support

100-299 users

1200 EUR/server

  • 300 EUR/yr*
  • No support

300+ users

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  • No support

*: starting from the second year, annually

Example #1

You have one server and archive emails for 150 users. The first year price is 1200 EUR. Starting from the second year, the license costs 300 EUR per annual.

Example #2

The above license fees apply per server. Let's say the disk space is about to fill soon, and you deploy another server, then you need to purchase another license for the new server.

Note that the annual fee does not include support. For support options check out the support section.


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