Piler enterprise, a secure email archive


The piler enterprise edition includes the featues of the popular open source version, eg. full text search, view, export, restore emails, bulk import/export messages, smart deduplication, digital fingerprinting and verification, archiving and retention rules, tagging emails, support for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, Kerio, Axigen, and many more.

It also adds several improvements and features for service providers:


Separates customers' data on the file level, database level, and sphinx level.

Scale out

Have so much data that a single node cannot handle? No problem, piler supports scaling out using multiple worker nodes, and aggregates their data to a single view.

Flexible SMTP routing

Flexible SMTP routing from the SMTP front end to the worker nodes allows you to create a tiered layout. Eg. SATA disks for customer1 in worker #1, SSD for customer2 in worker #2.

S3 object store

Supports S3 compatible object store, including Amazon S3, Exoscale, Minio, and many more.


Automate the most often used administration functions.

Flexible authentication

Including AD, LDAP, SSO, Azure, 2FA, CAPTCHA and AUTH0 support.

Easy deployment

Ships as deb package and an installation script to get it running quickly.

Search in attachments

Uses Apache TIKA to extract textual data from attachments.

Competitive pricing

Piler enterprise edition offers a better price than the competitors for both organizations and service providers.