Email archiving solution for service providers and enterprises

Comply with regulations, reduce IT costs, boost employee performance with an easy to use email archive

Managing compliance, GDPR and data protection has never been easier. Piler gives you the peace of mind by providing a secure, reliable and compliant email archive. It's simple, easy to use, no hassle, and fits to your current IT infrastructure no matter if it's on premise or in the cloud.

Improve email management

As a compliance officer or system admin, you will be able to automate email retention and improve control, data security and oversight while keeping only the information you need.

You may search through all your emails and attachments from a single email repository and get results in seconds.

Ensure full regulatory compliance

You can define retention policies and data life span, and set a deletion schedule so that no excess information is left behind.

This will help you ensure compliance with federal, state and industry data retention laws while keeping you in line with relevant data privacy and data protection regulations.

Simplify eDiscovery

Get key information in seconds, and answer all email eDiscovery requests on time. You'll get the results much faster than using the built-in search of Outlook.

You can perform demanding and extensive searches in terabytes of data, apply legal holds to prevent evidence spoliation, prove data authenticity and cut the costs of legal discovery.

The customizable user roles provide flexibility, and the detailed audit logs provide transparency who did what and when.

Prevent data loss and corruption

IT admins may improve system performance by moving email data to the archive. You may keep smaller mailboxes knowing that users could always go back and search for anything they need.

The email archive complements your regular backups, and makes your disaster recovery toolkit complete by archiving each received email real time. The archive provides continuous access of emails to users.