Benefits Of Email Archiving

31 Dec 2020 - sj, tags: archiving, compliance, insights

The importance of email

Email is one of the basic building blocks of the Internet. It’s the most dominant form of business communication including client contacts, lead generation, internal messaging, etc. Also, an email address is required to sign up to virtually every online service. The Radicati Groups’ EmailStatistics Report, 2018-2022 expects 319 billions of business and consumer emails sent in 2021.


The ever-increasing volume of emails can reduce the performance of the mail servers. Simply deleting them is hardly an option since important data can be lost.

Moving emails from the production mail servers greatly improves their performance. Aged emails can be deleted from the mail server, according to rules-based processes, once they have been archived and stored.An email archive worth of its salt uses both compression and smart deduplication (also called single instance storage) to save 50% storage or even more.


Searching for a specific email in a huge mailbox can be grueling and slow. An email archive is designed to provide fast search results even among millions of emails. It allows you to perform fine grained searches based on sender or recipient addresses, dates, words, phrases within email body and attachments.

Users can also restore emails from the archive to their inbox with a single click, freeing up the IT department from having to go through the time-consuming process of recovering data from a backup.


Most email archiving solutions provide a tamper proof storage of emails. They use cryptographic signatures, encryption or even timestamps from external providers to prevent modifying the stored emails.


Many businesses work in heavily regulated industries, eg. healthcare, finance, and energy where they are required to retain emails for a certain time. An email archive helps you comply with regulations like SOX, HIPAA, GoBD, etc.

Prevent data loss

Users may delete important emails either accidentally or maliciously. Some users delete all of their emails when leaving the company, which means your business is at risk of losing important data. With an archiving solution, you don’t have to rely on users adhering to email retention guidelines. All emails will be automatically stored, archived and preserved.

Eliminate PST files

Individual PST files on the users’ desktop or even on network shares are prone to data corruption or loss. They are difficult to search within due to their number and size. Using an email archive, you can import all legacy PST files that you can search easily.

Audit records

An email archive keeps detailed audit records that may reveal who did what and when in the archive.

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