Mailcow Support

21 Jun 2024 - sj, tags: archiving, insights, news, product

Mailcow is a nice integrated email bundle. Piler 1.8.3 supports authenticating against mailcow. Follow the below steps to enable.

Configure IMAP authentication

Set the following in /etc/piler/config-site.php

$config['ENABLE_IMAP_AUTH'] = 1;
$config['IMAP_HOST'] = '';
$config['IMAP_PORT'] =  993;
$config['IMAP_SSL'] = true;

Create a read-only mailcow api key

Set the Mailcow variables

Add the following variables to /etc/piler/config-site.php

$config['MAILCOW_API_KEY'] = 'xxxx-yyyy-...';
$config['MAILCOW_HOST'] = '';


The user authenticates against the Mailcow IMAP server. After the successful authentication the GUI queries the Mailcow API to get the user’s possible alias addresses, as well as his name to display.


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