Redact Feature

05 Mar 2024 - sj, tags: archiving, insights, news, product

The upcoming release of 1.8.1 introduces the redact feature. It allows you to replace certain words or phrases with a predefined text (“!REDACTEDTEXT!”).

To enable the feature, set the following in /ect/piler/config-site.php: Feel free to customize the REDACT_REPLACEMENT value.

$config['ENABLE_REDACT'] = 0;

Then create the redact reasons in the piler mysql database, eg.

insert into redact_reason (id, reason) values(1, 'sensitive info'), (2, 'just for fun');

And finally assign some words to each category

insert into redact (reason, word) values(1, 'secretword');
insert into redact (reason, word) values(1, 'anotherone');
insert into redact (reason, word) values(2, 'SSN123456789');

Then when a user performs a search, the words or phrases are replaced both in the search results and in the preview pane.

Also a yellow envelope with an exclamation mark symbol is displayed for such messages to indicate that the message content is redacted.

Notice the “!REDACTEDTEXT!” string on both images.


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