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  • Why You Need Email Integrity Check In Email Archiving

    05 Dec 2021

    Email is often used as evidence, therefore it’s important that organizations can prove that the archived emails are stored in their original format, and they haven’t been altered since then. To verify this fact, we need to perform an integrity check every time the archived message is retrieved.

  • Microsoft Caps Exchange Onlines Unlimited Archive At 1.5 Tb

    05 Dec 2021

    Tony Redmond wrote an article about how Microsoft have changed their minds and gradually phased out the unlimited archiving mailbox. The change happened on November 1, 2021, and users can’t to add more information to archive mailboxes “if it pushes the mailbox past the 1.5 TB limit.”

  • Email Backup Vs Email Archive

    22 Jun 2021

    Email is still the most dominant form of communication. Both email backups and email archiving are critical for any company’s business continuity plan (BCP). In this article we’ll explore what they are good for, and how they complement each other.

  • Authenticate Against Google Workspace Formerly Gsuite

    01 Jun 2021

    Google Workspace (formerly Google Suite Business) is a widely used email platform. This blog post describes how to configure piler enterprise to archive emails at Google.

  • Escaping The Pst Chaos

    10 May 2021

  • Software Maintenance

    01 May 2021

    For the no-tenant deployments the piler daemons have started to enforce the max. release feature.

  • Using Azure Ad Single Sign On Sso

    06 Apr 2021

    Azure is a popular cloud provider, and the piler GUI supports Azure AD to provide Single Sign-On (SSO). In this article we’ll see how to delegate the piler GUI authentication to Azure AD using its SSO capabilities.

  • Using Aws Cognito Single Sign On Sso

    05 Apr 2021

    Single Sign-On (SSO) is an important feature towards security. The benefits are huge. Users don’t have to memorize several passwords to access company resources, a single strong password is enough. SSO providers often add other useful perks, eg. password recovery, 2FA, protection against brute-force password attacks, etc. In this article we’ll see how to delegate the piler GUI authentication to AWS Cognito using its SSO capabilities.

  • The Bucket Feature

    27 Mar 2021

    What if you needed to provide access to a bunch of emails from different email accounts to a 3rd party? Let’s say an external auditor needs access to emails related to a specific case. The relevant emails are located in 10 different mailboxes. You don’t want to provide access to those 10 mailboxes, because they contain sensitive business emails as well not related to the specific case.

  • Running Piler On Zentyal

    21 Mar 2021

    What’s Zentyal?


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